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Welcome to OASIS

For Airtrain information or booking enquiries, please visit www.airtrain.com.au

OASIS stands for Online Airtrain Safety Induction Service. It's a web facility provided by Brisbane's Airtrain to manage safety inductions for anyone who is involved in working on the Brisbane Airport Rail Link (BARL).

Brisbane's Airtrain is serious about safety. OASIS has been developed to better track safety training requirements, and provide a better level of access to core safety information for all users. Each OASIS user account is linked with a series of applicable safety courses, which are undertaken and assessed online. OASIS allows safety administrators to easily see what safety training has been completed, and more importantly, what safety training has not been completed.

If you have an OASIS account (requires an induction number and password), you can login to OASIS to see what safety training courses you are required to undertake and complete them. Login using the fields above and to the left. If you believe you should have an OASIS account, contact us using the link on the left.

The safety courses contained in OASIS have been developed by Brisbane's Airtrain to cover a wide range of safety aspects. The courses you have been assigned may be different to a co-worker, based on the type of work you will be undertaking. Each course is broken into a series of modules, so you don't need to complete an entire course in one go. Each module contains safety information relevant to an important area, followed by an examination of the module material. You must achieve 100% in each examination to pass the module. Each course is deemed complete when each module in it has been completed.

Whenever you will be working on the Brisbane Airport Rail Link, you should have a current copy of your OASIS certificate (available after logging in), to present to the relevant Airtrain safety manager before starting.

If you are interested in more information about how OASIS works, or just need help understanding the various components, use the links on the left.

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